Appraisals and Estate Sales

Tamra Mast

Tamra grew up among antiques and collectibles, often tagging along to auctions, garage sales and estate sales with her parents, thus beginning her education with the ins and outs of buying and selling antiques and collectibles.  

She relocated to Texas to raise her family and brought her fascination of antiques and fine collectibles with her.  In early 1990, while working hard in the legal field, she began to pursue her passion of buying and selling antiques and collectibles.  At first it started with selling online, renting spaces at flea markets, antique fairs, and antique stores. 

Then in 1992 she opened her own store, The Victorian Rose where she helmed every aspect of the business. From adding decorative accents to the store's inventory that complimented every single item she displayed and sold, to stocking her store by making countrywide journeys, meeting people from all walks of life and finding many over looked treasures.  

Her successful abilities and passion for the industry caught the eye of Southern Living magazine.  Impressed by her breadth of knowledge, presentation of her store and dedication to the antiques and collectibles business, they ran a feature in their magazine, focusing on how The Victorian Rose was a shining example of a store operating in the industry, the right way.  In addition, her business was proudly featured in the Houston Post.

Subsequent to her ownership of The Victorian Rose, she worked for a well-established local estate sale company for several years.  Finding the work fulfilling and in line with her personal set of interests, she learned the specifics of the estate sale business from the ground up.  In addition to owning Compass Rose Estate Sales and Appraisals, Tamra continues to hone her professional skills by regularly furthering her certifications via The International Society of Appraisers .  As an appraiser and business owner, Tamra looks forward to successfully helping others with the experience and knowledge she has gathered.